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the numbers from the u.k. are quite low surprisingly that's the supply of the england team booking very place at the tournament number of reports in the british media have claimed fans who travel won't be safe the reason is that supposed threat posed by russian football hooligans a new documentary though one the documentary channel's been looking into the problem in europe football beasts premieres next week on the channel let's take a quick look at a preview. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in your company people use that excitement factor know it that's where the adrenaline the most comes from. and the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture we can do all these things and behave quite badly.
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i'm established up i read still. illegal when a young to shoot yourself you know to be like this baseball to fight to fight in the street people to lead us more sportsmanship. sic i don't think that the open mind that if i were saying the last few months before as a lot of. people on the telephone discuss a little long. length.
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of this particular point out there let's run a special of almost on a postcard with a lot of how to make our broadcasts. beautiful room the police a. real slug on the slip. the mission. for good gun policy from the start. moving in the bin if you don't involve constant involved in. is a merge the u.s. has been helping the lebanese armed forces fight the islamic state however it's
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feared some of the money and equipment is ending up in the hands of hezbollah and washington of course regards that as a terror group the issue was raised recently in congress and lovelorn on hizbollah a terrorist organization you just towns to shield its balance of tens of thousands of illegal rockets violent extremist organizations like this or lebanese. is a menace lebanese hezbollah a terrorist organization figures show since two thousand and six the us has provided nearly one point seven billion dollars to help the lebanese army the security assistance funds were mainly used to provide equipment facilities and training after the disclosure a state department official said the u.s. does keep a track of all equipment handed over that decreases the risk of hezbollah are using it some members of congress though along with experts argue there's no difference between the army and hezbollah which is of course supported by iran experts told us they're not convinced. to not only put money with the love of the storms were she
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to put u.s. security forces that's a bad mistake on the united states perjurer made this decision because it is long basically the speech will in the entire lebanese destroy that just drained from our shores. those below you see the major terrorist groups were by iran and of course the conflict between the united states in iran knows very great as well as a conflict between u.s. ally israel and hezbollah. and iran to just doesn't make sense to me we didn't do our own work correctly states we don't want to support we don't want to support lebanese armed forces the u.s. administration. quite bluntly. puts it as if it has only one objective in delivered on the syrian lebanese and even jordanian area
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and that is the defeat of isis they do not care about all the rest of course they don't want the conflict aeration between israel and hezbollah but as long as they believe that the libyan is armed forces are helping them against isis. they would rather ignore all the rest for israel it could be helping. him directly and contributing to further bloodshed if a new round of fighting. starts the lebanese government though takes a different view on the group puts president praised hellebores hezbollah's work saying it helped avoid civil war the figures fighters from the group also join the country's army in operations against the islamic state. one of the news a german play about being slammed for offering free tickets to anyone who greased the west wants to call off war not story coming up in just a few months. because
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you go through history mankind has been cruel and destructive over and over again and somewhat our cities have come back and many are quite beautiful and wonderful places. if you look in the middle east and places like syria it's it's i agree with you it's totally depressed and. and i wish that the political issues involved with it could be resolved but i think until that is done there's very little hope that the saudis will be able to turn the tide of. politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express an injury. or somehow want to be rich.
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what's it like to be for us this is what a full screen of all the people that i'm interested always in the waters of. course should. welcome back to the program the prime minister of armenia a country located between asia and europe says he will only quit when he solve the country's key geopolitical problems is that when came after nine days of mass and to government protests across the country with more than one hundred people arrested on saturday alone armenia recently changed to a parliamentary system the president now has a relatively symbolic role the prime minister on the other hand has gained more powers so sarkozy and stepped down as president this month he was there nominated by parliament to be prime minister a protest began soon after on the thirteenth of april demonstrators have only grown
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after he took his post new rallies erupted across the country with tens of thousands of opposition supporters blocking the road. to step down and the new election they say their protests are peaceful however there have been clashes with police more than three hundred people in total have been arrested. a group of texans is fighting for the lone star state independence from the united states there's even a new book that explores the practicality of texan self rule we spoke to its author political commentator who both think momentum is building for a so-called text that. if you you really want to drill down to why texas has had such an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one thing texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of federal laws at the core texans believe that the best people to govern taxes are
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texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair or reform the federal union has been met with nothing but lip service and outright insult and outrage here in texas they propose as a political support in texas for texas independence or at the minimum a vote on texas independence and right now even with the president donald trump in office we are still facing significant structural issues in the united states and texas independence needs to be on the table the texas nationalist movement was formed back in two thousand and nine it since gained more than three hundred fifty thousand supporters they're actively campaigning for an independence referendum they want to strictures on government spending to further reduce economic integration with the united states. oakwood into polls more than half of those
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supporters are republicans we took the streets of texas to see what locals think about the potential texas. i. think it's ridiculous. now. that's a good idea. though. i. we are in it in that we rely on this country you know some people are right to take it from a market. you know it would be like you know we've had this discussion that texas and didn't. for years to many people gave their lives for us to be a different story because you have so many. you know ethnic groups and let you know as well as you know in california. that. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen in california. they'll get over it will all be good. fears of
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production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectacle spectators willing to wear swastikas the offer was made ahead of the premiere of a play based on the youth of adult hitler it's being staged to mark the anniversary of his birth. itself. was.
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doing this with. this i need to first do this because i think it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you know presents a play dealing with have a fit his birthday literally inside some people with far right i used to come to this or this i thing that's wrong because it takes only a minute i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative and we're not done something like that you know we should not restrict freedom of speech or you know it's tough it's tough i didn't start dating and responding to just because someone tells you this you know when it gets sent out is i think i can show so darity without a date for star and show compassion for to take him to the holocaust asprin those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this uniform and finish the hockey gods going through the if i choose to wear a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react to. my
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and come. local authorities denied it breaches german laws banning the display of nazi symbols shows. residents or local action groups the scryer the production as unacceptable as calling for a boycott the plays the rector says he only wanted to create an environment for debate. we need more awareness and we cannot miss with simple discussions but through action i want to provoke a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production. and other news time magazine has released its annual list of the top one hundred most influential people in the world. one name most media do talk about a fair amount. of influence afraid to say negative.
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is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder. is culpable. if you. like that it was his district. but look if i were to say how many times has his name appeared or russia or combinations thereof cheers mention it does that not indicate influential good or bad info about you does it mean it's positive or negative agle
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be it could be negatively influenced i guess but just by virtue of how many times you mentioned it how many times has this picture bit of the cover how many times has the word russia russia got louis and russia those russian interference how many times every single day and you mean to tell me despite the foregoing he's not influential come on. just an hour before you want our breaking news story from the saudi press agency has reported that the shooting near the royal palace in riyadh was carried out by a security officer against the flying drone that you noticed in the area earlier multiple videos emerged online they showed what appeared to be heavy gunfire outside the king's palace in the capital the footage to draw speculation briefly at least over what was taking place at first there was no information on that situation has now been evidently cleared up. that's it for this hour from the team
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and myself here at all to you thanks for staying with us and see you about thirty minutes for the latest global headline updates. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach . and do all the great the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia. the special one. meets just at the rio p.r.t.
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teams latest edition as we go. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. a little more hard selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce offspring tell you that what we gossip and tabloid lifestyles of the most important. off advertising tell me you are not cool enough and by product. of the
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hawks that we along the border will watch. please. please please please let. this lets slip lifts. the seat lucky enough to let slip such leaflets. sleep sleep sleep. sleep. bad steve all of that our. kids are going to the play is
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a song go fast spot stuff i didn't. look. too much to build the world will keep me up a smile that leaves you like the sails and over the book still to your prius a little league. pale boy but he held up the focus so much. i want to live the last state for me to look can be a little kid saying. i want to help him up in d.c. i should be honest someone told me he don't but i mean you saw the so fields of ballet speech on faultlessly sheet metal costs if. you have an imaginary that james brought up to tell us mr b.m.
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. it made you feel. it was. who told. you. if you need. to load you. will you will know more that i'm home from up there so what he said involved me the most are for sure that all this being feel so. alone for hours i thing. that islam is a margaret do you think they want to pay for their forgiveness that there's only been about this if a day although you know you can see i see. many of you the goofy shit hard all known to me will be soon i forget why the moon sticks out it
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will be the old people who look at me i'm feeling good i was a feeling i must say oh. i feel a stuck in the maze of each of the years they've been without the design but i mean this emotional process of thought that i could have gone now but i can't budge company or family to chance a disability that everything will be new but i doubt. it but as you live near. by the medical suits. there's always a difference from age to those of ok good to have what is on those in the. heart that they have less or no. they hastily you might each month the way they should be and were frustrated. more for my g c s by. pressing me. with traffic going to high school now with this was a. must i mean.
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tough times. and lose me. now i think if you come in here. and closer to zero. or xinjiang they find out the middle ear goes against all the muscles around my spine this i even. like cause my skin is full when dad is outside even. on. the month there was a spate of us my cameras them up played the m i k o one to the. bus the most formidable is all of this mess things in my. room in the movies sneak in
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to watch the did all of us who knew i did the show more powerful tell me i wish to go so on monday to the zone more suddenly there's a new chum goes in on the my eyes those are the slides that all. of us are visibly kadam as i made them. go plus our quote of the. bill. that i'm going to scoop from. here so monday that you just as i missed don't move to us just a moment and enjoy the good news the multiple stuff. just. as soon as this was predicted. it was good. this goes to. get a little dept this is the album want to close the she. points to the side that
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comes out of the tunnel on the on line. and there's no zing moment. in chandos omission on the side because of the jewish. school missing at the start up is pushed through some tough. oh molly may she began to. smell sticks up on the sticks the whole. thing that's. missing is that all of. this comes to a lot of something she same of their dish she used to not push. the monolinguals and the world. no zero point one the crystal ball was one of four big don't. see if we steal pick at us dog. it was meant but isn't that accompany me you lose whatever it is a lot of people know they will be a mistake i've read that they heave your name you've. done too big for me plus
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should we. pull p.b.s. out on the phone when you've got your process it will be able to traffic will pacific our vision. of the ground up bits but also field will the departure of a moment and i promotes a book you'll just be going to the pub read on your morning pay the maids it was fantastic cialis read you walk by. although i'm sure in both hello and shades is there the adams the book don't look once you. eat very cheerful so full some of them with others going though at the time and that will come as a shock to you don't think so also scuffles in the post leave the forty's spots in the wood she. will use to push them past stone bridge made some one to. someone talk was a bookworm their. own
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room above that it was one of the no command. to me and had them all into emma when the bargeman come on my second without things because of the obvious. almost to money and i know because of families that had a k. . remembering their interest with a lot of the us here here what happened here. what they have all the footage of all that seems to have. turned up the last song fair song so the spanish voice. from a familiar timing. legendary one of a sin was a division of. skill and she is lucky. to get what the state of the with the. free did she had the most eloquent some of it was for them is that this was a hard. for me so you saw him. before you left going to you know
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someone with the must provide in the sense that they'll. give. you the annoyance of pressure coming to feel that i mean they're going to fit all they know where they gian that the more don't look up past the scene that i am really. also must cause a kick up the scores are going to happen to be the main maybe useful shout get a college interest card against events come along and make a bet is in the people people competing. on the radio the channel are zero and i don't wish to share the scoop. this is the
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all can wish. for you to ask which of their august was no way a meal you get shit if you don't overdo it it's still not follow our. boss go to d.c. steal. nah xander styled to spill aboard the looked after just that august eleventh in tone with. the last three and was restart a scene. out of the. way of samples you're thinking a way to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all more want to see a lot of water. that is why it will be based in new york she was. willing to shoot as a sequel. all but i mean she says that if you're going to she receive down the line that is the.
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key. key. squeeze a spot i mean. you just think they have. more of the what must sell. more fame fortune should be on the. the. air or more. stays on if you can do more if you mail to the stuff but. not. the small fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that should be it. up there were no one bad wolf. first if it was a fact we need to know their stuff until the photo found. them one now going for mom one might have a goes up by me i last think before you have what i love the sound my mind's on the police even if i've read it to when you put it up with this and you put it to
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school you to be billeted seagal going on for this i keep up with the. well it's just that he's the founder of the left what i would say on the flip but he has appeal again there's no siyad way i. was on was that if. your son did the same prey animal in the field you wouldn't see the fish but that might supersede. one. thing. and then. spiral down not disposed. to. look up but is. a puzzle to fund. it.


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